All Proxies from Canada

A list of up-to-date, fresh, anonymous and SOCKS5 proxies with IP, PORT and ping times from Canada. We frequently filter out dead proxies and remove them, so you always have the latest SOCKS at your fingertips.

IP:Port Ping Type Speed 2.46ms HTTP fast 1.70ms HTTP fast 2.51ms HTTP fast 2.80ms HTTP fast 2.42ms HTTPS fast 0.41ms SOCKS 4/5 fast 2.19ms HTTPS fast 2.80ms HTTPS fast 0.64ms HTTPS fast 2.50ms HTTP fast 2.98ms HTTP fast 2.50ms SOCKS 4/5 fast 2.53ms HTTP fast 0.74ms SOCKS 4/5 fast 1.89ms HTTPS fast 2.21ms HTTPS fast 2.64ms SOCKS 4/5 medium 5.51ms SOCKS 4/5 medium 5.18ms HTTP medium 4.77ms HTTP medium 2.35ms HTTP medium 5.99ms HTTP medium 4.27ms SOCKS 4/5 medium 5.95ms HTTPS medium 4.19ms SOCKS 4/5 medium 4.83ms HTTP medium 3.52ms SOCKS 4/5 medium 4.26ms HTTP medium 2.52ms SOCKS 4/5 medium 2.15ms HTTP medium 4.64ms HTTPS medium 3.89ms HTTP medium 5.97ms HTTP medium 8.23ms HTTP slow 7.26ms HTTP slow 7.87ms HTTP slow 7.69ms HTTP slow 8.80ms HTTP slow 6.32ms HTTPS slow 6.66ms SOCKS 4/5 slow 7.44ms SOCKS 4/5 slow 5.72ms HTTP slow 6.79ms HTTP slow 7.47ms SOCKS 4/5 slow 8.14ms SOCKS 4/5 slow 6.42ms SOCKS 4/5 slow 7.62ms HTTPS slow 8.14ms SOCKS 4/5 slow 7.29ms SOCKS 4/5 slow

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